23 Things I Learnt at 23: Lesson 10 – I am stronger and more determined than I realised

I am ambitious, driven, and stronger than I ever thought – this has served me well over the last year.

affirm your lifephoto credit to Affirm Your Life

I don’t even know where to start with this one. I have learnt this over and over again throughout the year, consistently seeing more and more what I am capable of dealing with and where I can go. My ambition and drive has been tested professionally through my 23rd year, and I have made myself proud by proving that I can work and work hard despite diminished motivation, I can continue to drive myself forward based on my ambition and I have been relieved in the latter part of my 23rd year to see it pay off and to then see my ambition continue to grow.

My strength has been tested both professionally and personally, I lasted a year with continued fight in a job that made me unhappy, I did not give up until there was no more to do. And I have been strong in the decisions I have made, in not bending when others have told me to, in my conviction, and in my desire to have something that I believe was meant for me, despite the many obstacles along the way. I have proven how far I have come from a year ago when I felt like the smallest thing might break me to now having dealt with one of the hardest years of my life and continuing on regardless.

Catch up with my other lessons under the ‘In My Opinion’ section.


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