23 Things I Learnt at 23: Lesson Nine – Mistakes are more important to make than successes

Mistakes are more important to make than successes.

phobia wikiphoto credit to Phobia Wiki

We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our success, I truly believe that and while I still struggle with the idea of making a mistake (perfectionism is definitely my downfall) every single big lesson I have learnt, or major realisation made, has been brought about by something that would be considered a mistake.

This makes me wonder, should the word mistake be redefined? It may be an error but is anything truly wrong if positives occur as a result? We all make mistakes, it is human, it’s the reason rubbers exist and the backspace button on a keyboard, it’s the reason lawyers exist, and it’s the reason anyone ever learns a darn thing. Successes are great and I’m not denying we learn from them, but no one ever had a life changing epiphany from doing something perfectly first time.

Maybe 24 will be the year I relish my mistakes now that I have seen their worth.

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