23 Things I Learnt at 23 – Lesson Seven: Standby your decisions

I have learnt to standby my decisions, even if they upset others – my happiness matters more than their idea of how I should be happy.

legal allsorts

photo credit to legal allsorts

Making a difficult decision is hard enough, but learning to stand by it when someone is telling you you’re wrong or making a mistake is one of the hardest things I had to do at 23. But it’s taught me to assess the decisions I make before I make them so I know I am sure, and it has taught me to be strong and confident in the decisions I make, which is useful for many parts of life and something I don’t intend to forget any time soon.

I made a point during Brexit that no matter how anyone voted as long as they remained consistently confident and sure of their decision then it would at least make everything worthwhile. The funny thing is, it wasn’t until months later I found myself taking inspiration from myself – I made a decision that many made clear they did not approve of or agree with but at the end of the day, I have to make decisions that I believe are right and which make me happy, as long as I stand by that and continue to stand by it then nothing I decide can be wrong by my own happiness and success. After all, if I let someone else make a decision for me and it goes wrong then I am the one that has to deal with it, not them.

This lesson also did another thing for me too, it highlighted the people that have my interests at heart and who truly love and trust me. Interestingly as well, those who had originally been skeptical or against my decision have changed their minds now and see that I made the right call. Worth remembering.

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