23 Things I Learnt at 23 – Lesson 5: all problems can be solved by talking

I will always believe that every problem can be fixed if calmly and rationally discussed.

I am a talker, in every sense of the word. Something I have yet to learn is in fact when to shut up (perhaps that might come next year). But I will always be the person that thinks a few drinks (whilst remembering lesson four) and an honest conversation based on rationality and empathy can fix most problems if both parties are willing. There is not one mistake I have made or one problem I have had that I do not think could still be solved if talked through.

When I say solved I don’t necessarily mean that things will be ‘happily ever after’, but closure can be achieved in almost any situation if only we could just talk it out. However, this year I am learning that when that isn’t possible I must learn to cope with it and find closure in a different way, because as much as I believe in calm and rational discussion, not everyone would agree and not every situation allows for it.


photo credit to quotesjunk.com

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