What is a friend?

Today is national best friends day and it got me thinking about my best friends, and why they are so dear to me.

Growing up we have a lot of friends, some come and go – we drift apart, we fall out, life gets in the way. But others walk into our lives and we know, whether immediately or in time, that our lives will never be the same.

Over time, we can’t imagine life without them, they are our rocks, our family.

But what separates these people from the ones who leave our lives? What makes a best friend?

For me,  my best friends are the ones who are there, without hesitation, through thick and thin. Who will help me out without question, and who would destroy anyone who dare hurt me. Who I would go through hell and back for. They are the people who are loyal, who say;

“Ugh, she’s got so ugly!” Or “have you seen what he’s doing now?” Just to cheer you up. Or the ones who tell you everything will be okay, offering you a cup of tea to take the pain away. The ones who don’t even have to think about your birthday because they know you so well. Hell, you even buy each other silly gifts at random times just ’cause.

They are also the people who will tell you if you’re being stupid, who make an effort with your other friends or partner and know you have to wait and see for yourself if they’re no good. They are the people who never let distance, work, or life force you apart. They are the people you stayed up all night with, telling stupid jokes and watching crap TV, who even as you grew stayed by your side telling you the same  stupid jokes and reminding you who you have always been.

They are the ones reminding you of your embarrassing stories, always telling the most embarrassing first to everyone you know.

They are the ones that pick you up when you fall, raise you when you feel low. The ones who can tell when you’re lying, when you’re not okay, when you need a helping hand.

They are your home away from home, your rock, your safe place. They are your best friend and without them life would be downright dull.

So, to my best friends today I say, I love you, even if you can be a pain in my butt, even if you’re the ones making fun of me, I  couldn’t imagine my life without you. Thank you.




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