The sun’s shining, engagement is rising

We have been loving the nicer weather this week. The sun shining through our office windows, and the radiators being switched to off, we women have broken out the sandals and the men are rocking casual shorts. There’s something about the brighter days and warm sunshine that just makes life better.

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But it turns out that the benefits of the sun on workers is more than just a happier mood (and laid back clothing). Studies reveal that employees are more productive and are less likely to suffer from health problems.

Considering sick leave costs the UK £29billion per year, improved health can only be a good thing for businesses and employees alike.

It’s also been suggested that employees are more willing to go in to work in the first place, can be more focused and aware, and work faster to complete deadlines. It seems much of this research also suggests a lack of overall negative effect on workers, indicating that the sun enables workers to be more productive but continue to also feel more awake, rather than suffering from an increased risk of burn-out.

It’s important that managers take this opportunity to encourage workers to take their lunch breaks away from the office and make the most of the weather. I know, I for one, have been making the most of it, spending my lunch breaks absorbing the sun while it lasts, after all it is England!

But just remember the sun cream, otherwise it won’t be burn-out but rather sun-burn that’s effecting employees.


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