The Unforeseen Risk of Changing Jobs

We all know changing jobs is hard. The sadness of leaving your old place of work, the fear of stepping into something new and the excitement of the next step in your career.

But, what happens if it wasn’t what you were expecting?

You finally get into the role and slowly the realisation hits you that this isn’t the job they told you it was. You can’t go back to before but you don’t want to stay where you are either. So what do you do?

I truly believe that above everything you should enjoy your job, considering we work more than 90,000 hours in our lifetime it’s important those hours are spent happily.

Christina Reichl Photography/Getty Image

So what, am I saying you just quit your job?

No, I’m definitely not saying that. There are many steps you can take to help you shape your role into the one you wanted without having to go through the gruelling process of finding something new.

  1. Talk to your manager. Ask them if there’s a way you can take on more roles relating to what you want to be doing
  2. Get training. There are so many opportunities to develop yourself outside of the business. Ask what your training budget is and start looking into ways you can develop your skills and prove you have the know-how to do the job you want
  3. Talk to HR. Human Resources are there to help you be happy in your job, so if someone isn’t fulfilling their role and helping you develop as they should be then speak to HR. It’s really important you learn to talk about problems in the workplace.
  4. Take it higher. If your manager isn’t responding then go to their manager. There is always someone higher and they can help put things in place to ensure your time is being well spent. After all, recruitment costs businesses £30k per employee so they don’t want to lose you.
  5. Prove yourself. If you’re constantly late, forgetting to do the jobs you have got, or aren’t giving your all then people will be less likely to help you on your way to bigger things. And even if you are fulfilling your job you can always do more. Show them you’re keen and able so they have no reason to say no.
  6. Take a deep breath and know that you can do this. It can be hard feeling bottom of the rung but the journey is half the fun (eventually). You will get there.

As I said, happiness in your work is so important, so if you can stick it out then think how great it would look to say to your future employer ‘Yeah, that job was difficult, but I worked my way up and this is where I am today’. You will always face adversity in your career, things won’t always be plain sailing, learn how to beat it now and you’re set to climb the ladder while others are still finding their shoes.


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