One charity is breaking hearts with this simple campaign

David Sheldrick Wildlife trust
All photo and video credits to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Hugo Guinness

Friday morning is usually a happy, cheerful event. The weekend is coming and I’m super chipper as a result. However, today I have found myself in tears, cursing some of the people in this world.

Why, you may ask? Because I watched ‘I will always remember you’, a devastating animation created for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by Hugo Guinness.

See what I mean? I’m not even a big crier. In fact, I’ve spent my life getting quizzical looks when people realise I haven’t cried at any Disney movie, or Titanic, or Marley and Me, and no, the Notebook did not make me ‘well up’ either. However, just a few lines and a soft symphonic piece was enough to leave me completely heartbroken on a Friday morning and I cannot congratulate them enough for this astonishing piece of work.

Sometimes the most impactful things are the simplest and ‘I will always remember you’ truly exemplifies that. It’s not very long, the music is lovely but nothing you’d write home about (especially in these days of texting), and the animation is wonderfully minimalist. Each thing alone would be nice, it would do its job well I’m sure, however well is not what a not-for-profit strives for.

Let’s be honest, we as a race can be fairly self-centred. The biggest charity support often comes from those with first-hand experience of the charities cause, so, not being elephants ourselves and the fact they’re not very practical pets, it’s difficult.

Therefore, when a charity is trying to inspire change and make people care about something that doesn’t affect them, they need superb, they need haunting and shattering, they need something that really works, and this story of an elephant’s journey through life is just a great example of that. Using each element so perfectly they have created something that really makes people think, and feel.

Major kudos to the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Hugo Guinness!

Now, how do I adopt one of these poor little babies?

If you want to see more inspiring and brilliant not-for-profit campaigns the ‘Hope Locker’ from Water Aid, which caught my eye last week, is a great place to start.


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